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As good as your new, lean and toned body will look, what you’ll really love is how it makes you feel

“How To Be The Person You Most Want To Be, By Getting The Body You Most Want To Have!”

sternerFrom: Greg Sterner

Fitness Together – Point Loma

Serving San Diego

Dear San Diego Friend,

The truth is, there are few things that compare to the way you feel…the sense of accomplishment, pride and confidence you get from having a body that looks great…in clothes, in your bathing suit, and in your birthday suit.

And no matter what your current situation is, we absolutely guarantee that if you just show up, you WILL get the results you want and the new, lean, toned, terrific looking body you deserve. That’s it – just show up. We’ll do the rest.

You can be the person you most want to be…by getting the body you most want to have. Because changing your body…changes your life. We see it here at Fitness Together – Point Loma on a daily basis, and we’ve got the testimonials from other San Diego  personal training clients just like you to prove it (see below).

Our proprietary and unique “5-Step Success System” gives you maximum results in minimum time!



Step #1: Define Your Goals

There’s no way to reach a destination if you don’t know where you want to go. Defining your goals gives you the destination. Then we plot the fastest way to get you there.

Step #2: Assess Your Current Fitness Level

We establish baseline data so we know your starting point and can accurately measure results. This way you know and we know exactly where you are in relation to your destination (your goal) and make any necessary adjustments as you progress (this is a critical step that most others leave out).

Step #3: Design Your Personalized “Maximum Results In Minimum Time” Program

Personalized program design is a science. And no two people are exactly the same. This is where our expertise is invaluable. No generic, one-size-fits-all program you get from a book, video or off the internet can compare. There are simply too many variables. Plus, there are six essential components to maximum results in minimum time, and we give you each one.

Step #4: Coaching, Training and Accountability

You get expert coaching, personal training and accountability from our degreed and certified personal trainers, all of whom have an unmatched track record of success helping San Diego folks just like you. But as important as our expertise is, just knowing you can’t “blow off your workout today” is half the battle. That’s why external accountability to your coach makes such a huge difference.

Step #5: Re-assessment Every 4 Weeks

This is how we “dial-in” your personalized program, optimizing it as we move forward. This is such a big piece of the puzzle (truly a fitness ‘secret’ that so few are aware of), and something that simply cannot be done without a trained eye and years of experience. This is the only way to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

But getting the body you want won’t be a ‘walk in the park.’ Nothing of lasting value is ever that easy. And you know that.

If you’ve been seduced by the ‘amazing claims’ made by weight loss companies or fitness gadget promoters…if you’ve tried and struggled before…then you know what I’m talking about.

The most important point I want to make right here and now is this: you can have the body and life you most want…but it takes commitment and consistent effort for 12 weeks (after that, things do actually get much easier).

For the vast majority of people (over 85%), a 12-week commitment to 3-5 effective workouts a week and supportive, healthy eating is almost impossible without external support, coaching and accountability. That’s why there’s an explosion of obesity, diabetes and heart disease in this country. And the victims of these diseases are getting younger all the time (childhood obesity is practically epidemic).

And that’s exactly why so many of your San Diego neighbors come to us…they know they can’t (or won’t) do it alone.

So it all comes down to this question…

“Are You Worth It?”

That’s the bottom line. Are you willing to invest in your own quality of life? Are you worth it?

Think of it this way…if your child was overweight and out of shape, if his confidence and self-esteem were being negatively impacted, you would do almost anything to help him, right? Same goes for your spouse. But what about YOU? Are you willing to invest in you? In your quality of life, your confidence, your self-esteem, your health…your best body?

If so, then I encourage you to request your no-obligation, complimentary consultation right now.


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Here’s What Other San Diego Folks… Just Like You… Have To Say About The Results They’ve Achieved With Our Cutting-Edge, Proven San Diego Personal Training Programs


elaineAs a 40 year old mother of three young boys, I knew I had to start exercising regularly in order to stay healthy and strong enough to take care of them. I was embarrassed about starting a program and felt uncoordinated and self-conscious. Working out at Fitness Together has been a perfect solution for me to jump-start my enthusiasm for exercising. Greg and Sara supported me and guided me on how to exercise, use the equipment and keep motivated. They customized my workouts to my abilities and interests, to maximize the effectiveness o my time at the studio. Now I feel strong, confident, and motivated to continue exercising throughout my life. Thanks to their personal attention to me, I have achieved more than I thought I could. Thank you Greg and Sara.

-Elaine B. (Point Loma Resident), Age 40

naniI have been working out with Greg twice a week for almost 2 months and from the beginning I was a raving fan of fitness together.

It took a lot of courage for me to begin this journey because I am 70 years old, overweight and have not exercised regularly for several years. I felt totally at ease and comfortable the very first time I the entered the clean, light, esthetically pleasing and well organized FT facility.

Greg is extremely knowledgeable not only as a trainer but also as a licensed physical therapist. After evaluating my physical strengths & weaknesses, he assessed with me what my personal goals are.

Through this process he has always been encouraging and reassuring and has treated me with the same respect and caring he would with a younger more fit client. I appreciate that a lot!

-Nani K. (Point Loma Resident), Age 70+

miriamGreg of Fitness Together Point Loma has been training me since the spring of 2008. I am 59 years old, but now feel like I have the stamina and energy level of my early 20′s. My strength (especially abdominal and lower back) level and balance have shown dramatic increases. I can now wear sleeveless and backless dresses with confidence and esteem.

I have worked with Greg as a physical therapist for over 4 ½ years and find him to be the most knowledgeable, caring and dedicated of professionals. I would feel confident in recommending Fitness Together to anyone who wants to lose weight and increase tone while working out in an immaculate setting with truly knowledgeable fitness professionals. Knowing Greg’s high standards he will only recruit the very best staff at his new facility.

Whether you need to fight through a nagging injury that is hindering your fitness goals or want to get your body back to your college days, Greg and his staff will help you achieve your goals.

-Maryam Rahnema, Age 61

richieandabbeyGreg and his staff are incredible!  My fiance and I train with them to compliment and maximize our climbing and backpacking adventures.  Just after a couple months we’ve seen huge improvements in flexibility, strength, and balance.  Not to mention we just feel healthier because we now have this added motivation and accountability.  They design workouts specific to your goals.  Each workout is different, fun and creative, but believe me, they’re not easy.  An added bonus is Greg’s PT background.  Train injury free!  With any trainer, you get what you put into it.  So if you’re curious, check them out.  It’s worth it.

As listed on Yelp:—point-loma-san-diego#query:personal%20training

-Richie and Abbey (Point Loma Residents), Age 23 +


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With Fitness Together-Point Loma Personal Training, you will…

  • Lose more fat and inches than anything else you can do. Period.
  • Get fit and toned so you look great in your clothes, your bathing suit and your birthday suit
  • Get FAST results – with this level of accountability, combined with our proven, proprietary 5-Step Success System, the results come quickly
  • Discover simple ways to make the right eating choices at home and when eating out (nutrition is vital to your success, but you don’t have to starve yourself or even deny yourself your favorite foods…you just need a system that works).
  • Cut exercise time in half – you’ll be shocked by how effective the right kind of exercise really is!
  • Discover little known secrets to getting and maintaining your ideal weight…FOR LIFE (and that’s what we will do…empower you for a lifetime of fitness that makes you feel like a million bucks every single day.
  • Dramatically decrease stress – stress is a killer. It kills your enthusiasm, your energy and harms your immune system. Nothing eliminates stress like personal training!
  • Lose fat in those annoying trouble spots – love handles, jiggly thighs or arms, cellulite, a belly you just want to hide? Gone, gone, gone and gone!
  • Have 3-4 times more energy (literally 300% to 400% increase in energy…imagine how that makes you feel and perform!)
  • Fire up your metabolism and burn fat 24 hrs a day – the biggest ‘secret’ of the super fit is that as you add lean muscle (no bulk, ladies, don’t worry), it gets easier and easier to stay tight, toned and looking terrific
  • Feel better than you ever have before! Again…you’ve got to experience it to believe it.
  • Get those ‘looks’ again – remember how good it made you feel to get those looks from your partner, spouse (even complete strangers)? Well, you can count on them happening again…fast.
  • Feel so much more confident - there is nothing I know of that makes you feel better about YOU than being fit, lean, toned and looking terrific!
  • And we have personal training programs to fit almost any budget, so there’s no reason not to call us today to schedule your no-obligation complimentary consultation (and if you’d like a free personal training session so you can ‘try before you buy’…just ask!)


or call (619)756-7500 now

Why Greg Sterner and Staff of Fitness Together – Point Loma Are The #1 Rated San Diego Personal Trainers And GUARANTEE Your Results Or Your Money Back:

What this all adds up to…is results. We build our reputation and our business on just one thing: results. And because of our proprietary and proven 5-Step Success System, we absolutely guarantee you will get the results you want, in the shortest period of time possible, or we’ll refund every penny of your money. Because, frankly, we don’t want your money if we don’t deliver as promised (but that’s never been a problem before and won’t be with you either).

Just keep in mind that you’re not risking anything by at least investigating. Take that first step and call us today at (619)756-7500 or click here to schedule your no-obligation complimentary consultation. Then come in and we’ll talk. No pressure and nothing to buy. You’ve read this far because you are serious about getting the body and health you want. We are the solution – the ONLY solution that really works. And you’re worth it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch the videos from our clients. I know you’re searching for a real solution that really works, and your time is valuable. So I won’t waste a minute of it. The bottom line is that we put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee you’ll get the results you want in the shortest period of time possible.

We’ve proven it hundreds of times already with other San Diego clients just like you. Now it’s your turn.

Give us a call today at(619)756-7500 or click on the button below to schedule your no-obligation complimentary consultation (an $87 value) right now. We’re proven experts with a documented track record of success. And we’re here to help you get the body you want and deserve.

sternerTo your health and fitness for life,

Greg Sterner
Fitness Together – Point Loma

P.S. We can help you. And we sincerely want to. All you have to do is take the first step by calling us today at

or clicking below. In as little as 90 days you can have a dramatically transformed, new, better body (and all of the wonderful benefits that go along with it). Give us a call today, you’ll look back at this decision as one of the best of your life…I guarantee that.

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