How Important is Strength Training for Kids?

by admin on September 23, 2015

We don’t typically sign up our kids for weight training or encourage them to use weights when their bodies are still growing. This article published on and written by Jen Mueller explains why weigh training for kids can actually be beneficial. Keep in mind, that when we say “weight training” we don’t mean training to become a body builder, we mean adding a few additional weights to improve strength, and work specific muscle groups. For more questions call us at (619) 756-7500!

Should children and adolescents strength train? For years, many said “no”, believing that it could damage a child’s growth plates, thereby stunting their growth. The risks of injury seemed to outweigh any benefit that strength training could provide. But there is growing evidence that strength training is very beneficial for children and could be an important part of their exercise routine.

The latest review, published in the journal Pediatrics, looked at studies from the past 60 years related to kids and strength training. “The researchers found that, almost without exception, children and adolescents benefited from weight training. They grew stronger. Older children, particularly teenagers, tended to add more strength than younger ones, as would be expected, but the difference was not enormous. Young people of any age who participated in resistance training at least twice a week for a month or more showed greater strength gains than those who worked out only once a week or for shorter periods.”

Early opinion was that lifting weights wouldn’t make kids stronger, but research doesn’t support that theory. Children don’t gain muscle mass the way adults do, but rather experience neurological changes that cause their nervous system and muscles to interact more efficiently. So even though you might not see changes on the outside, there are changes happening on the inside for kids who strength train. Experts say strength training can help prevent injury in young athletes, provided they are doing it safely.

Strength training for children shouldn’t involve hours in the gym lifting weights. In fact, it doesn’t have to involve weights at all. Body-weight exercises like pushups, one-leg exercises and lunges can all provide the same benefits as a traditional strength training program. Children should always be supervised to make sure they are using proper form, but can perform these exercises without as much of a safety concern as traditional weight training workouts. According to one expert involved in this research, a good age to start regular strength training is between ages 7 and 12.



Beat the Dog Days of Summer with a Workout

by admin on September 8, 2015

School is back in session, schedules are full, and the summer heat is still burning! Avoid the heat, and stay on top of your fitness with these tips from Fitness Together Professionals. For more questions call us at (619) 756-7500!



beat-dog-days-summer-workout-fitness-together-tipsAs we come to the end of August, temperatures may still be rising, and the humidity isn’t letting up either. Yep, it’s officially the dog days of summer, and this weather can put a damper on your outdoor workout. It’s not just unappealing – if you’re not careful, it’s dangerous. Try these tips to beat the heat to keep working out through the dog days of summer.Take Your Training Indoors
If you’re a runner, the heat is especially troublesome for you. It’s easy to get dehydrated or suffer from heat stroke if you’re not careful. One idea is to find a treadmill and take your run inside. This provides an opportunity to step up your running routine to include interval training.

Treadmill Incline 
If you like to train on the hills, try taking your hill work to your treadmill. Start with a  slight incline for a short interval and gradually increase the incline throughout your workout. This will give you an incredible cardio and lower body workout.

Get Up Early
One of the easiest ways to beat the heat is to literally, beat the heat. Set your alarm so that you wake up early to get out and exercise before the temperatures rise. The cool morning air will help support your outdoor workout routine, and give you a refreshing way to wake up and get yourself energized for the day.

Jump in the Pool 
Perhaps one of the best ways to get a full-body workout while staying cool is to put on a suit and go for a swim. Swim laps to get your arms and legs burning as well as a tough cardio workout.

If you like to workout outside, but have issues with the summer heat. There are ways to beat the heat and still get a good workout. If you are looking for more help in reaching your fitness goals during any season, talk to your Fitness Together personal trainer.




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