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San Diego BOOT CAMP CLASSES are on Hold beginning Nov. 17, 2011  until March 2012 (Class Days and Times will be Updated Accordingly)


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Our Boot Camp classes provide high-energy, sweat producing, whole-body workouts utilizing kettlebells, medicine balls, agility ladder, free-weights, and stability balls.

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Ask Yourself These Questions:

● Do you want to feel energized during and after your workout?

● Do you have a goal of losing 10-20 lbs. and unwanted body fat?

● Are you afraid of injuring yourself while exercising intensely?

● Where else will your boot camp program be supervised by a Licensed Physical Therapist with over 11 years of experience in preventing injuries?

● Do you want to tone your problem areas such as triceps, glutes, and thighs?

● Do you want a strong core and improved speed/agility/coordination?

● Do you want to have fun….while working out…rediscovering your inner child and passion for fitness?

● Do you want nutritional assistance from a health professional, certified nutritionist, with access to a medical doctor to lose weight safely and permanently?

● What other boot camp programs provide nutritional supplementation for 30 days, with 12 FREE boot camp sessions to facilitate weight loss of 5-10 lbs in one month?

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Bootcamp Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 7:00AM

Monday, and Wednesday – 6:00PM

Friday – 5:00PM

Saturday – 9:00AM

Monthly Boot Camp Packages and Services Include:

Packages Workouts per Week 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Look & Feel Great Naked: Accelerated Results Package 3 workouts per week $217 $192 $144
Lose Inches and Body fat : Starter Package 2 workouts per week $152 $136 $104


**All rates listed above are per month. The rate for one month memberships are $240 and $176 for 3 workouts/wk and 2 workouts/wk.

With the Accelerated Results Package you get included:

  • 12 workout sessions a month to accelerate weight loss and body fat reduction while becoming more athletic, agile and confident in all fitness activities
  • Unmatched accountability with unlimited email access to owner of business with questions pertaining to: nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility programs, and chronic/acute injury rehabilitation (Value Unlimited)
  • Owner is: Licensed Physical Therapist with Board Certification in Orthopedics, Certified Nutritionist by the American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionist,  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and ACE Personal Trainer
  • Terrific offer of becoming an Isagenix success story with free training while using superb Isagenix products x 1 month (also will have access to Isagenix nutritional support team 24/7)….CLICK HERE to find out details about Isagenix products
  • FREE 90 minute comprehensive fitness assessment and Nutrition Together 1:1 counseling session with 6 Lesson Plan Handbook to learn life lessons in healthy eating success strategies
  • Access to Nutrition Together website with use of online accountability journal and access to Registered Dietitian for questions and concerns
  • Weekly weigh-ins and monthly Body Fat and Body Composition check-ups to facilitate positive reinforcement for continued weight loss and body fat reduction
  • To contact us specifically about participating in the 30 Day Isagenix Challenge please CLICK HERE

These AMAZING Bonuses are a ($230 value)

1st Session is Always Complimentary…..bring a friend and get a 2nd Complimentary Session for Both of You!

Guiding Philosophy:
Our competition does not penetrate our success because we deliver on our promise:

• Our clients look good in public because they train in private!

• We get predictable and consistent results with cutting edge training methods and programming.

• Our continual innovation and an unequaled environment create an incredible experience that other fitness companies only try to replicate. The greatest compliment we receive is our competition trying to model our success.

Our customer service and client fulfillment “WOW” every client with a unique experience. This total experience of health and fitness success, combined with a “feel good” environment creates the Fitness Together Experience.

Passion for Fitness
Positive Mental Attitude
Training Knowledge
Quality of Character

High Energy, Safe and Effective Boot Camp Training
One on One Personal Training and Couples Training
Nutritional Counseling
Health/Wellness Coaching
Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Functional and Sports Performance Training
Weight Loss/Toning Programs
Rehabilitation and Post-Rehabilitation Training
Kettlebell Training

Dear San Diego Fitness Enthuses,
I have been both a Licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer for over 11 years. In 2006 I received my Board Certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist in Physical Therapy.
My wife Kara and I are the proud owners of Fitness Together-Point Loma.
We strive every day to be the Best of the Best in one on one personal training in San Diego. We are now taking our training methods to the masses as we have a goal of reaching more San Diegan’s while making San Diego “America’s Fittest City”.  We take great pride in providing extraordinary training techniques in an upscale setting to clients who want the best in health and fitness.

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Fitness Together Point Loma Bootcamp

**Bootcamp classes meet at Fitness Together-Point Loma, 2750 Dewey Ste 101, Liberty Station, San Diego, CA 92106 between Joao’s Tin Fish and Con Pane’ Restaurants